Following a successful kick-off event and meeting of a founding group of members, we’d like to invite other local businesses in the Haley Corridor to join us in our association to benefit the neighborhood. 

Strong Support for the Haley Corridor: 

There have been several attempts to name and organize the neighborhood, all of which have failed to catch. There are several reasons why the Haley Corridor is going to stick: 

  1. Strong Support: It was selected and organized by, and with the support of, several long-term Haley Corridor business owner/operators.

  2. Significant Media Exposure: John Palminteri did a feature story on KEYT all about the Haley Corridor. In addition, our first event, called the Haley Corridor Progressive Party, had sold-out ticket sales, broad media exposure including articles in the Independent, News Press and Montecito Journal, and brought in hundreds of mostly local people that were largely unaware of all our neighborhood has to offer.

  3. Fund Established: We’ve already put our money where our mouth is by holding an event that generated revenue that went directly to form the foundation of a non-profit organization to benefit all members. As of September 12, 2019 the Haley Corridor is a registered 501c3 nonprofilt organization

  4. Plans and Events: We plan to make the Haley Party biannual, and additionally to hold a monthly “Second Saturday” as a casual but regular event to bring people to the area and keep the momentum of the branding established by the original event.

Why you should join the association: 

The sole purpose of the association is to promote local business and the best way to benefit as a business owner/operator is to participate in the aims of the association and have a voice in its function. 

  1. Retail/Food/Beverage Businesses: Increased foot traffic and media exposure quickly translates into increased sales.

  2. Service/Trade Business: Increased brand awareness through media as well as foot traffic is one of the best ways to market your business in Santa Barbara. This is an important center for trades in Santa Barbara and we need your voices heard!

  3. Exposure: We already have a professionally designed website featuring an interactive map, individual pages for each member business, an event calendar open to all members, blog, and more. We additionally have an established social media presence that will be showcasing member businesses.

  4. Modest joining fees: Yes we need money to make this happen! The founding members of the association donated their profits from the initial event to form the basis of the non-profit organization. New members will pay an annual membership fee of $400.

  5. Membership Period: is from July 1st to June 30th. Due are paid for a full year at time you join.  Upon renewal dues may be prorated down if you joined mid year.